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Varun Perumalla
Overall Head & Licensee
Varun Perumalla is an undergrad student at IIT Hyderabad, a budding Entrepreneur who aims to inspire, motivate, and educate businesses and brands with digital solutions. A personal branding expert in the making, he is a smart content curator uplifting one brand at a time. He is currently the CEO and Co-founder of CRIOT.

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Shepal Bhansali
Content & Curation Core
Shepal Bhansali is a post-graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. Although he identifies as a coffee-loving book reader-cum-hoarder (mostly found in cafes and lawns, amongst other creatures). He is what can be called creative or eccentric; he loves (daydreaming about) bike rides with his innate skeptical and inquisitive nature, poking around things and people.

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Shreya Balakrishnan
Design Core
Shreya can be best described by her love for interaction design, striking up conversations (with dogs and humans alike), and watches. She chooses to read people over books, and channels that information to become a better designer. She talks a lot, but if you keep up, you'd probably learn a thing or two about design, planning impromptu trips, or where to find the best masala dosa in Bangalore.

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Sourav Sarkar
Marketing & Sales Core
Sourav is a CSE Postgraduate student at IITH. Before joining IITH, he worked in an MNC in Cloud Computing and got recognition as the top 2% performers among all freshers. At IITH, he works on Indigenous 5G Testbed Project as a research student, Marketing & Sales head at TEDxIITH, PG Mentor in Sunshine-the counseling cell. He is a Nature lover and worked with Greenpeace India for a long time. Let's make TEDxIITHyderabad 2020 edition a grand success!

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Yogesh Swami
Experience Core
Yogesh loves to contribute his skills towards non-profit organizations. Apart from Experience head of Tedx, Yogesh has also worked in the Entrepreneurship cell and Robotix club at IIT Hyderabad. Yogesh is also a huge poetry and chai lover and himself a writer. He loves to interact with new people and is always open to learning new skills. As an Experience head, he will make sure that event goes smoothly from the beginning hour to the end of the event.

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Surgan Jandial
Finance & Treasury Core
Surgan, a CS student, has deep experience in researching and building AI products. His works and collaborations have been well recognized with presence in several research conferences and in media streams. Along with this, he has also delivered several talks, passionately talking about his work and the kind of impact he is trying to make with it. With the drive of innovating products and the affinity to reach out to the masses, Surgan embodies the vision of TEDx as is.


Content & Curation

Aahan Jain
Amal M Latif
Juttu Chandana
Mansi Arpit Nanavati
Desale Pranjal Narendra
Sandhya Ravindran
Soumi Chakraborty


Avinash PK
Bedanta Batchas
Diksha Surendrakumar Singh
Ridul Razwin
Sahil Hegde
Woryo Bonzer

Marketing & Sales

Vibhanshu Jain
Prashanth Naik
Shree Varsha
Nishanth Kannan


Divyansh Kharbanda
Ananya Mantravadi
Krishna Pratap Singh
Vaibhav Gupta
Rajesh S

Finance & Treasury

Deeptanshu Sankhwar
Sandilya S
Mayank Agrawal
Bedarakota Amogh
Thota Sandeep Kumar
Pavan Kumar